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Reflection as a Reader 2


Reflecting upon my writing this second semester, I am afraid that I cannot make a proper evaluation of myself, because it was senior second semester. I did lose motivation to get good grades, which led to poor writing. However, I did find some improvement in my writing which is organization. For example, in my Oedipus essay, Mrs. Brayko said “The paper has clear organization and a good thesis.” Also, I think I did a pretty well job organizing my ideas in the Author Study. My topic was complex since I had to incorporate both his life and writing style – how his writing style developed over time. Especially, in the paragraph “1984 is an interesting novel. It brings the transformation of Orwell’s writing style and his point of view to an end. If Orwell was illustrating the harsh working condition in Down and Out in Paris and London, and criticizing the Stalin government in Animal Farm, he warns the current government of how it can possibly affect the future if they don’t call for a reform,” I provide an adequate transition for the readers from one point to the other of Orwell’s life. Yet, my very last paper was poor on organization. It demonstrates the epitome of senioritis. I have blocks of quotes standing alone as paragraphs.

However, there were downsides to my papers. I still wasn’t able to do a perfect citation. It is apparent in my Author Study that my MLA citations weren’t labeled properly. On the comments for Author Study, Mrs. Brayko listed MLA formatting as one of my weaknesses in the paper. Although I am capable of creating a proper works cited page, I still have problems doing in-text citations.

I really wanted to reflect on my writing, but the quality of the essays does not truly indicate who I am. In general, I’ve grown significantly as a writer, but my writing in second semester is not certainly representative of it.

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