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Letter to Future Seniors


Hey Seniors!

Mrs. Brayko has asked us to give you advices about AP Lit, so here I am writing a letter to you seniors today on my last AP Lit class of the year. First off, I can’t guarantee if you will enjoy this class. You have readings to do everyday and might need to do some writing. Sometimes, you will be assigned writing assignments (essays) that will be a large part of your grade.

First of all, you need to be ready to face obstacles. For example, I had trouble interpreting poems in the beginning of the poetry unit. However, I became comfortable with poems after following directions and doing the respective activities such as TPCASTT and TicTacToe. Although those exercises are extremely annoying, it will later help you when you take the AP exam. Also, remember that you can revise your essays, so don’t give up too easily if you get a low grade. Fixing your writing will help you to realize what your weaknesses are. You should ask help from Mrs. Brayko because she is always open for further discussion about your work.

I could’ve avoided some problems if I didn’t panic as I did in some of my in-class essays. In contrast to take home essays, you are under pressure because of the time limit. Make sure that it doesn’t affect your writing, because it will distract your thinking process once you are bothered by the time constraint. Although I took AP Lang in my junior year, timed writing for AP Lit was a different experience.

Short stories were exciting for me, because they were concise, in other words, very short. Yet, the content was very rich as it required lengthy analysis and scrutiny.

If you don’t want to struggle in this class, I advise you to do your readings. Honestly I did not do many of the readings, which I wholeheartedly regret. And don’t slack off in second semester like I did because it will be a great chance for you to improve your reading and writing skills.

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