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Goals 2


Goals Q3:



By the end of January, I will have submitted all my apps for colleges, which means I don’t have to work as hard as I did in first semester. Yet, my goal is to not slack off in classes and work hard especially in AP Literature class in order to improve my writing and reading skills as they will be essential in my college career. I especially want to continue on with my quarter two goals on improving AP Lit exam skills. I need to score better on multiple choice questions and write clearly in the given time constraint.


In quarter two, I created a list of things that I wanted to do after I submit all my applications. For example, I want to ride the bike to school (it is around 25km from school to my house), go on a trip alone (to reflect on life and set future goals), learn how to cook Korean food (as I will be cooking in college), win Battle of the Books etc. I hope I can accomplish some of these goals during quarter three.



For both of my goals, I have failed utterly to accomplish them. After I submitted my college applications and received my college results, I haven’t been lazier than I’ve been in senior second semester. Although I had lots of time, I often didn’t turn in homework and such. I procrastinated till the end to finish projects and other assignments. Also, senior second semester was busier than I thought. I still had to write my college essays till the end of January and we were still assigned numerous projects, tests, and homework. I hope I can achieve my goals during the summer like learning how to cook, going on a trip, etc.



My goal for next year is to get into Ross School of Business. Although I was admitted to University of Michigan, my initial goal was to get into their business program. In order to do so, I need to apply to the business school in my freshmen year. I need to maintain high grades and on top of that do extra curricular activities. Thus, I hope I can settle down at UMich easily and do well.

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