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Quarter 1


Obviously, I want to become a better writer and a better thinker. So far, class discussions have been very thoughtful and they certainly were advanced than the discussions we’ve had in AP Lang. In my part, I think I need to become a more skeptical reader by constantly asking why certain elements are in the book to enhance my literary skills. Although the start wasn’t very good, I want to see myself develop throughout the semester.

Reflection: In my opinion, I have half achieved my goal #1. Throughout this quarter, I did try to become a skeptical reader. One of the things that I’ve done to accomplish my goal was rereading the text. I’ve realized that reading the text once is not enough to find the hidden allusions or details that are crucial to the story. Yet, I still lack the quality to translate those ideas into words. I think the discussion on the wiki is really helping me to practice that skill. I hope I would become a better writer after the second quarter.


My goal this semester is to get accepted to college(s) that I will apply for early action. I am too stressed out these days about colleges that I can hardly concentrate in anything. Once I get accepted in mid December, I think it would help me to focus more on school work because I would no longer have to suffer from college preparation.

Reflection: I thought that this assignment was for the semester, so I wrote that I wsih to get accepted to colleges. Although I haven’t received any responses from my colleges (didn’t even submit my apps yet), I think that I am managing my time well doing both school work and college applications. I am almost done with my early applications and planning on to submit them on the 25th. I hope to continue this balance between school work and college application process.


Quarter 2


My goal for quarter two is to write clearly in a short amount of time. My first in class essay turned out to be a success. However, that doesn’t guarantee that I can write like that for the other in class essays that lay ahead. I often think for too long when I compose a thesis, which is my biggest weakness. Also, I tend to confuse myself while writing the essay and lose focus.

Reflection: Overall, I didn’t quite achieve my goal. Although I did well in my first in class essay, my second in class essay was a total failure. I read the question wrong so I wrote a totally different essay. Yet, I think this is a good experience as I will not make that mistake ever again in an essay test. I believe I am still making progress and hopefully by the end of third quarter, I can freely express my opinion in 40 minutes.


My second goal for quarter two is to improve on multiple choice. I heard that we will do some mc sets in second quarter. Because I think what distinguished a 4 and a 5 in AP English Language last year was the mc questions, doing well in these practice sets is important.

Reflection: It seems my two goals for this quarter are not both achieved. I nearly failed the Frankenstein mc test. Although we took the test in last block and I was half asleep, I should’ve done better. I think I did worse than when I practiced with HOD mc sets. When I take the test, I should be more alert, because that makes a huge difference. I still have another semester to improve my mc scores until the AP exam. I shall try harder.


Quarter 3


By the end of January, I will have submitted all my apps for colleges, which means I don’t have to work as hard as I did in first semester. Yet, my goal is to not slack off in classes and work hard especially in AP Literature class in order to improve my writing and reading skills as they will be essential in my college career. I especially want to continue on with my quarter two goals on improving AP Lit exam skills. I need to score better on multiple choice questions and write clearly in the given time constraint.


In quarter two, I created a list of things that I wanted to do after I submit all my applications. For example, I want to ride the bike to school (it is around 25km from school to my house), go on a trip alone (to reflect on life and set future goals), learn how to cook Korean food (as I will be cooking in college), win Battle of the Books etc. I hope I can accomplish some of these goals during quarter three.

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