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Brave New World and the World We Live In


Compared to Brave New World, the world where “we” are living in seems very unstable. There are often uprisings and conflicts in politics, religion, etc. While more than half the people in the world are suffering from famine and lack of health care, 20% of the population is controlling 80% of the money in this world. We humans still produce babies viviparously and the birth rate varies from 8 infants per 1000 population to more than 50 infants per 1000 population. Somehow, if we compare our world to Brave New World, the world we live in is chaotic.

In Brave New World, the control center manages to rule the world to stabilize the world. Every humans are created scientifically and thus, they all don’t have mothers. Moreover, the infants are conditioned even before they gain consciousness. They are taught many hypnopaedic phrases that can possibly keep the Brave New World operating. Humans are divided in to four classes and they do not feel any envy towards the other – they are conditioned. If people are unhappy and gloomy about their lives, there is always soma that can relieve stress right away. Meanwhile, the World State induces more consumption from people for the economy to work. With the technology they have, the system is working very well and everybody is happy. Happy.

Even though people are conditioned and are limited to what they can think and imagine, the people in Brave New World are indeed, happy. The economy is very stabilized and relatively high quality of life is provided to the people (maybe not epsilons..) Although the people in Brave New World are in this maze of the controller’s, the actually seem to enjoy their lives unlike many people in the world we live in. In this world, people often commit suicide or murder other people due to dissatisfaction of this world. I, of course, am very down sometimes and suffer from the harsh condition (competition) that I have to face. And I do want to live in Brave New World no matter what because my “happiness” would be guaranteed there.

It’s not that I’m saying the world we live in sucks. We have true feelings unlike Brave New World where they often take soma to stimulate temporary happiness. We are also living in a more open society where equality exists. Nonetheless, if I had the chance to choose which world to live in, my choice would be Brave New World.

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