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EU and North Korea


These days, the stock markets are fluctuating a lot due to Greece, Spain, and North Korea. Greece and Spain, countries that are using Euro, a united currency set up for EU nations, are failing economically which is bringing fear for the downfall of EU. Euro value has been diminishing quite rapidly since the genuine rumor spread out. Then Greece actually asked for help to other nations and also the International Monetary Fund. In the process of recovering from the economic crisis, the uncertainty of Euro credibility is another big problem. The world stock market has plunged a lot, turning back to bear’s market like 2008. However, the fear of Greece bankrupt is somehow going to be solved because EU and IMF surely does not want to go through a double dip. Germany, France, and IMF is planning to provide money for Greece buying their bonds.

While Greece was threatening the global economy, the attack from North Korea has worsened the situation for Korea. KOSPI has plunged for about 10% over the past month. Money from foreign investments are going back to its home causing the dollar value to rise. Although majority of the experts know that this sudden downfall is going to temporary, the process is so heart breaking to Korean investors. The analysts now suggest just to keep the money in the investment and wait for the return of bull’s market.

As such, the global economy seemed to recover very rapidly after one of the most chaotic economic crisis, but now that Greece and North Korea is in the way, investors are fearing the continuous downfall of the economy and ending up in a double dip. Although there is barely no chance of a double dip, people and investment firms are still selling their shareholds in the fear of it. Perhaps now is the best chance to buy at a low price. But no one knows what’s going to happen so I hope you all good luck and make good decisions!

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