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Atletico Madrid vs. Fulham


Yes, the Europa Championship game was on Wednesday. Atletico Madrid who was disqualified in the Champions league redeemed themselves reaching to the top. Fulham, on the other hand, made the miracle to make it to the finals; no one expected it. The two teams, however, showed great plays in the tournament and was expected an intense game.

Nonetheless, it is not only the two teams that were happy but the sponsors who achieved the opportunity to advertise its brand to a wider range of people. And it is very fortunate that the sponsors for both teams are Korean companies!! Many soccer fans value this tournament very high and because the two teams have defeated many popular, strong, vulgar teams, it is attracting more audiences. Just looking at the fact how much Hyundai benefited from Yuna Kim in the Olympics, it is a good fortune for the two Korean companies, LG and Kia.

With its recent release of new cars, Kia will benefit a lot from this worldwide soccer finale match. Coincidently, Kia is nowadays launching elegant cars with up-to-date technologies in their automobile. K7 has recently stood up to be the first in its class in Korea. Also, Kia is planning to release K5, a lower sedan, in Korea. K7 and K5 are both going to be exported to other countries (not sure where) but the brand image it has built through Athletico Madrid will surely help its performance in foreign markets.

These days, IT is one of the most competitive market in the world. Including the cellphone market, LG is competing in many other areas such as air conditioner, washing machine (first in the United States), and of course television. Samsung and LG have released the 3D TV that can be viewed at home, not in cinemas. It is ground breaking and because it is a new battle between the companies to attract customers to sell its own 3D TV, the final match between Atletico Madrid and Fulham will aid LG in its sales.

As such, both Korean companies that are sponsoring each teams that are in the final match of the Europa League will benefit greatly through effectively advertising their company to millions of people who are watching the match. I am also proud of our country that our companies are now in the world class level that can sponsor top class soccer teams in other countries. Samsung has also benefitted a lot from sponsoring Chelsea, English league’s champion team. I wish Korean companies will prosper more and lead the markets all over the world.

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