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Bugs and Money


Bugs. I hate them.

Unfortunately, I met one today on the ceiling at my house. It was a cockroach crawling to my sister’s room like a spiderman. Boom, then it suddenly dropped and I nearly fainted even though I was way far away from it after I discovered it was calmly crawling to somewhere on the ceiling as if the world was flipped in its cerebral system. My sister and I freaked out, screamed, called mom for help (reasonable because she was in the coffee shop right in front of our house), and immediately closed our doors. Well, I ended up killing it. After staring at the helpless cockroach for few minutes, I questioned myself “why are we so scared if its harmless?” Yes, I’m an exceptional, over-reacting coward, but then why do humans in general are so scared of those bugs and insects that have no intention of killing us (there are few exceptions, but still..) or anything like that. Disgusting, might well be the answer, but we’ve got many other things to get scared of before we freak out when catch a sight of a mere, powerless bug (or is it only me? I don’t think so). The real things that harm our lives are, in fact disguised as little cute puppies that we love so much.

We all love money. That’s right, MONEY.

In history, the recession in 2008 was by far the most critical downfall of the economy after World War 2. And it is no doubt that all of us were actually welcoming the conspicuous danger we were about to face because of our pursuit of money. We, indeed kindled the bubble that was created in the American real estate market and ended up killing ourselves. The money we invested came back with sweet profits, and that induced more investments after all; of course disregarding the high risk we were facing. My point is, if we had the time to freak out and scream and yell and whatever we do when we catch a sight of a bug that is 1/1000000000000000 the size of us, why don’t we take that time to study where our money is going to and how it is doing in the funds or other assets so that we reduce the risk of our money that we earned with every effort that we could have possibly made. It is mystically ironic how we are always appalled by those innocuous little cute insects while the one thing that people want the most is actually causing all the misery.

Sometimes, things are opposite (but I still hate bugs…)

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