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Starcraft: The Pioneer


“Duuuuuuudde, did you watch ‘Flash’ beating Jaedong in Starleague yesterday?”

Half of the times, this is the kind of conversation that my friends and I start with. Girls and teachers don’t understand how important Starcraft is to the boys. As we, the typical boys, put it, Starcraft is the god of all games in history. It is not just a mere computer game that makes you stupid, but actually you need quite of bit of intelligence. You need to know when to attack or defend, or which units to make or destroy. Starcraft is not a game like Pacman which involves labor to complete the game, but instead, Starcraft is like chess where you really need to ‘think’ about how you are going to fool your opponent.

Along with the popularity of Starcraft among Korean teenage boys, E-Sports was first established in Korea. A progamer became a job for people who were especially good at Starcraft and then numerous teams were founded. Teams competed each other in a league like all other sports and they also had coaches and even sponsors! Two new broadcasting channel were created, broadcasting only Starcraft league and relevant things. The popularity didn’t seem to cool but only sky-rocket every year.

(Starcraft 2)

Starcraft, the pioneer of E-Sports, later helped the development of many other games like Special Force, Kart Rider, Sudden Attack, to settle down. Starcraft, is not a mere computer game, but can be viewed as the creator of E-Sports and the game that brought evolution in the game industry. Starcraft surely made millions of jobs all over the world and yet I believe Starcraft 2 will go over the top and bring a larger attention in E-Sports all over the world.

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