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Why should Hyundai thank Yuna Kim?


During the Vancouver Olympics, Yuna Kim showed up in every single commercials on SBS. Air conditioner advertisement then KB Finance advertisement, then Samsung cellphone advertisement, then Hyundai car advertisement and so on. So many companies invested in Yuna Kim because it was most likely that she will foster better brand image for the companies by winning the gold medal. Undoubtedly, after Yuna Kim has performed her fabulous program in the Vancouver Olympics, numerous companies got the most money out of her.

Lacvert, a cosmetics store, has recently recorded a great boost in its total revenue. Lacvert is one of the company that Yuna advertised. The lipstick and eyeliner called “Yuna Pink” and “Yuna Eyeliner” are bestsellers so far in Lacvert’s history. Lacvert sold 200,000 Yuna lipsticks, resulting in 31% boost in its profit. Moreover, the makeup section is experiencing 370% growth compared to last year.

Hyundai car also has benefited a lot from Yuna Kim. They estimate that the profit they gained from Yuna is about 70 million won. The Samsung air conditioner that she advertised experienced a 30-40% boost in its sale. T-omina, a Samsung cellphone, is also selling a lot because of Yuna Kim. One of the Samsung officer estimates that the profit will increase for a while. Lastly, the earring that she put on when she performed her program is out of supply. So many people are trying to buy that earring, “J. Estina Tiara Earring,” that there are many fake products online.

After the fantastic performance, Yuna Kim has definitely helped a lot of companies she advertised for.

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