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SSMs are harming my neighbors


SSM, a.k.a. the Super Supermarket is now a common word used in S. Korea. SSM is a supermarket that is smaller than the big markets like E Mart, Homeplus, but bigger than the individual grocery stores. SSMs are usually from the big supermarkets – E-Mart, Homeplus, Lottemart, etc. SSMs were made because those big supermarkets couldn’t earn the bottom line and that they had to find another source of profit; near apartments, houses, and company buildings. However, it was impossible for , for example, E-mart to build another humungous building near the area, but a smaller size as the grocery stores nearby. As those SSM are built, people living in that area go to the Super Supermarket instead of the grocery stores because it is cheaper, cleaner, and better services. Because of those SSMs, the grocery stores, often the owners who are our neighbors or live close have to close the store and find another job. They can’t keep selling groceries because of the SSMs and they are basically killing the poor, individual business owners. Unfortunately, the gap between the rich and the poor expands.

This is why the government and the citizens are trying to protest to those companies (listed above) making smaller supermarkets, leading innocent people to go find for a new job. It is still an unsolved problem in the Korean society, mainly because of the government who was supposed to regulate and set more strident rules is slacking off. Nonetheless, even though there will be regulations, our neighbors are the victims of the greedy companies.

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